From Korea to Cork

Daniel & Sumni of Cafe Moly out shopfront of Cafe Moly, best coffee in Cork

Cafe Moly was founded in South Korea in 2012. When Cafe Moly employees, Daniel and Sunmi, decided to move back to Daniel’s home of Cork to set up their own cafe and roastery, Tonggyeom Kim, the owner of Cafe Moly Korea, suggested taking the Cafe Moly brand to Ireland. And so it was that Cafe Moly Ireland was born in 2020 at 99 Douglas Street, Cork City!


Hand-Roasted In-House

Cafe Moly is a specialty cafe, microroastery and barista academy. All of our coffee is roasted in house on our 1kg Giesen roaster, allowing us the final say in taste profile and freshness. As well as our extensive range of unique single origins, our two flagship house blends, Jazz and Velvet, allow us to find a taste profile to suit everyone! Jazz, our Colombian/Ethiopian blend, is a big, bold fruit bomb, with tasting notes of pineapple, apricot jam and jasmine. Velvet, our smooth Brazilian/Indian blend, is low on acidity but high on those nutty, chocolatey, biscuity notes.

Cafe Moly Cork Hand-roasted coffee best coffee being hand-roasted in-house

Our Coffee

    Cafe Moly Barista Academy

    We also run a barista academy, providing training and in depth knowledge to people looking to start or continue a professional career as a barista, or just those with an interest in coffee that want to improve their home barista game.
    Barista collage. Cafe Moly best coffee in Cor. Handorasted beans on bottom right, freshly made coffee in cup above and coffee through a chemex.

    Baked in-house

    We have a wide range of cakes and treats, all baked fresh in house each morning. Our signature Pasteis De Nata (Portuguese custard tarts) sell out fast every day, so be sure to grab one (or three!) early to avoid disappointment! Also popular are our croffles (yes, you guessed it, a croissant made into a waffle!), gluten-free brownies, vegan-friendly peanut, chocolate and oat squares, and a range of filled croissants and wraps for those looking for something a little more savoury.